Charlie’s 8 Iron


A very stern guy–and liked by the media back when there was real news.

2NYC: “Twenty-eight Charlie golf, climb and maintain flight level two two zero.”

N28CG: “Two twenty for two twenty, twenty-eight Charlie golf.”

2NYC: “And, how would you describe the icing?”

N28CG: “Yeah, we’ll call it light to moderate rime.”

The aircraft is now owned by Corning, Inc.

Too close to Continental Connection 3407.

Ice, or “Brain Altered?”

2 crew members, 2 flight attendants, 45 passengers, and one dead on the ground equals 50.


(Uncle) Clarence Center, NY

When? 02-12-2009

Charles E. Hughes had nothing to do with it, Mr. Nazi.

William C. Hughes was eating pizza at a Presbyterian church.

Why did a C-130 fly over?

Ask Barack Obama.



Max Air 550


Rush, I am running low on cabbage.


Mr. Foizey:

As I’ve noted, an “alien pulse” on the AM band prevents listening to Rush Limbaugh in Shrewsbury-Marlborough. Like Howard before me, I call him “Rush Limburger.” Odd it is how Rush could not tolerate the concept of Trump as POTUS when he was praising every word Ted Cruz uttered. Unlike Democrats, they all fall-in behind their guy, no matter how malodorous.

I don’t suppose McGraw wants a polite roommate who would smoke outside. I’ve got $225 to sleep in the basement or even garage. Based on Millhaven’s rambling, I think he lives by my deceased Boeing engineer. When I saw a black man trimming his bushes out there in St. Charles County I said, “He must be a retiree from Mac.” Dan laughed, and then he died. At least I was told of this, unlike my deceased dad who consistently made par on the Forest Park public golf course. Who were those guys he golfed with? All deceased, all big-shots.

Do I have to take you to school on FISA? Now Spicer has alleged the GCHQ was doing the “bugging.” My “Third Eye” would like to see a pre-production meeting face to face at the donut shop just to the west of this fine motel. It is not in the phone book, or I’d give you the address. Why would you do this? It seems to me that after I downloaded a photo of the GCHQ building, a big stocky female left me a half a sandwich and a pair of headphones. Miraculously, I could show them to you. Hey! We’re from Wales! Where are you from?


p.s. The name of the doughnut place on Watson is LUBELEY’S, I just discovered at 9:24 a.m. after doing some analysis of the “trash code” left by your local drug dealing cult.



March 25, 2020

William C. Hughes


St. Louis, MO 63101

Jim Defede


8900 NW 18th Terrace

Doral, Fl 33324

Dear Mr. Defede:

Keeping this as long as I care to, let’s talk about the end of the world. (As CBS knew it). What is Entercom? Frankly, I don’t care. What is “news?” It is whatever a big corporation says it is. Apparently, I’ve already defeated COVID-19 at age 64. You would think that would be a “story.” Oh no, they have to obsess about toilet paper, and I really wonder why a Warren County, Missouri man was reportedly arrested for sniffing deodorant in a Wal Mart.

Was the story true? I can’t drive out to Warrenton and find out. Therefore, the story is FALSE, or what Trump calls “fake news.” Many around here are expressing skepticism about the virus by saying, “I don’t know anyone who is sick.” I saw today that 6,820 Italians have died, and the CIA Fact Book will tell me how many people are in Italy. Why does some creep on the street know I am on their website?

I can do the math, and I also see the Chinese are all through with dying, so we can anticipate a huge Trump rally where he says, “I told you it would go away” as with many Democrats who wish he would go away. We can simply extrapolate how many will die here by…is our hospital better than the one in Rome? I would hope so. Do the English have to pay a single pound to be tested and treated? That British health care I am sure is free, like our bus system is temporarily.

I think many neo-Nazis like the vacant streets and closed banks. I think they want to pay for all purchases with a phone that is way better than mine. By gosh, cash could spread that virus! I think some Green Party socialist ought to run for office and say the bus should always be free. It is running for free today, so why not after April 8? That is when the City of Saint Louis wants its parking fines paid, and I know that, because I saw the sign posted on their door.

I see the “black plague” as a great opportunity for the “Lunatic Left” to step-up and say, “We want free stuff!” (Education, transit, health care, etc). Since I have joined-up with the “Me Generation,” I only care about Bill Hughes now. I do not want to pay any taxes, and this is a genetic defect inherited from Howard Hughes. If you treat people like crap, then they do not want to pay. The late Charles E. Hughes moaned about the Earned Income Credit, and now I need one to outwit that rascal Trump. Paying taxes while living in poverty? This is a recipe for what I call the “Glorious Revolution” that would reject robot apologists like Mike Pence and William Barr.

For God’s sake, the new DNI made a speech that could be interpreted as “liberal,” so he will surely be fired before he can be confirmed by the Senate. Meanwhile former CIA man John Brennan I hear has started a new political party called “Communist Party, USA.” No Marx or Lenin, just a return to Richard Nixon’s tax code. How well I remember the bellyaching about potentially paying 70% to Uncle Sam! This has become unthinkable today, so why not leave the USA when we are allowed to depart?

Rich folks paying no taxes is supposed to stimulate an economy that will soon be managed with no handshakes or paper stock trades. If they maintain a policy of “social distancing” on Wall Street, eventually no one will have to report to a physical place to WORK. If no one works together in a physical place, they will all be dependent on legions of computer nerds. This I predicted in 1982. Now, go find either my ex-wife or my computer science degreed neighbor from Beloit, Wisconsin. Of his home town he said, “It’s a shithole,” then someone who claimed to work for CIA said this of her apartment. Jim, I think all of these people knew each other behind my back.

Charlie Hughes also complained of Monday federal holidays. “They’ll keep inventing them until no one comes to work,” he said. How about “911 Memorial Day” and “COVID-19 Virus Remembrance Day?” I know I said, “Dad, they want one in every month.” Later in life, after Al Gore invented the Internet I said, “Why don’t we work four days a week from home?” As granny said, “Don’t give them any ideas.”

Best Monday Holiday Wishes,

William C. Hughes, MSW

[Only a retired social worker—never Howard’s son]


Viral Dissenter


Did you say “Corona?” I thought you said “Corolla.”

“Sorry, I cannot do the loaves, fishes, and toilet paper trick as they all appear to be going cuckoo over a virus that has killed only 108 Americans thus far. I do not like Donald Trump, but as you may recall, he kept pointing out, 60,000-70,000 people die from the flu every year. This makes me think something really kooky is going on within government agencies at all levels. (Think ICE and deportations). I am about to write to a woman I have known since 1985 who claims to work for the C.I.A. and has the passport stamps to back up her claim, including a recent trip to China right before the virus became a worldwide problem. What I am going to try to tell her is that you should not risk crashing a supposedly healthy economy to save a few thousand lives. Generals make decisions like that consistently during a war, and civilians do this too when there is a disaster like a wild fire or hurricane.

Do I sound nuts? My doctor does not think so. When I went to see her with a bad respiratory virus of another variety she said, “You and most of St. Louis have that one.” Thank God it is finally gone with no flu shot and no health plan for Bill Hughes. I’ll give you a call later in the week, because now I am fussing with installing a new Canon printer/fax after going into orbit over the library closures. Why not shut down I-70 too? Then we can all sit around and be fed horse manure by Fox News and CNN.”




Bi State at work.


Eric –

They may be able to fry the Jack’s breakfast muffin on my head by the time we meet, because I’ve discovered what we called two “fun facts” at Rosary High. (Now d.b.a. Trinity). I was about to have my remaining possessions from my state bureaucrat life and five brutal California years tossed to the curb by an eviction order sought by my only concerned kinfolk. Naturally, I jumped through all of the hoops to have the LEGAL SERVICES OF EASTERN MISSOURI help. They did not, and have one attorney for thousands of cases.

Ditto, I’ve discovered with the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION in Missouri. Lots of employees; all not lawyers. Apparently, one Anthony Rothert is the sole attorney for—you guessed it—thousands and thousands of cases. We are going to start our meeting with one simple statement I’ve waited many years to make, and it is: “I have no rights.” Yes, I’d like to make a legal claim somehow I was in fact born in Canada. I have several “believers” on this, and you may call them if you like.

Who are they? Several work at a Canadian consulate. And, my favorite is a medical records clerk in New Brunswick. I’ve kept in touch with her over one memorable quote. It was, “Howard Hughes was a powerful man. He could have ordered the records destroyed.” You are indeed a lawyer, and should quickly grasp that her statement strongly implies there were such records.

That said, we will stick to the intellectual property topic. Even a small book advance buys me the privacy and equipment to function as a writer. This business of looking like a criminal on the run has to be stopped. Jim Kysor was one of my elderly helpers in California, and his memorable line uttered in anger was, “It’s like the one-armed man!” and I’m sure you know the plot line of The Fugitive. Bill Hughes violates no laws and is robbed blind. I go to the grocery store and jackasses walk right up and say things like: “We’ll get in there and take the rest of his stuff.” The Metrobus quotes? Not for this e-mail!




Don Skates, Blogger is Irate


Don’t be fooled by Bill Barr’s Bar & Grill Provisions, LLC. It’s really a CIA cut-out to try and figure out which group of Russian hackers rigged this year’s election.

Dear Mayor Slay:

I am so glad I failed to send the e-mail below while surrounded by multiracial hacking KOOKS at the library on Limburger. This was after riding the “Niggah Bus” two days consecutively for many hours. The crescendo was out front of the library on the #49 where I announced:

If you would like the $$$$$ cops on this bus, I will call them right now.”

This was because a black female had positioned herself to hassle me the whole ride and this was in cooperation with the Uncle Tom “Negro Driver” who is superior to all ghetto niggahs because he has a JOB. The second remark was about my hair from a big black thug in the back of the bus, so I had to say, “We are not talking about my hair. I added:

I know the $$$$$ cops. They will be happy to board the bus.”

What the f— is this, Francis?

You were in your comfortable home when I slept in front of the library with Steve Rapp’s Lutheran “rescue blanket” when it was in the teens, temperature wise. This was following the He-man debacle, for which many should land in the slammer. The %%%%%%%%% cop said, “We don’t care” and the $$$$$ cop brought a huge cup of COFFEE. Now I may not be able to find Steve, because the Lutheran agency has completely turned over the staff in about a year. This may be partly because my court papers ended-up there!

Get it, Francis?

Since “camping” at the library, I have made absolutely no progress on tasks middle-class people take for granted. (Like driver’s licenses, professional licenses, and paying lawyers with licenses to practice law). I’m at my wit’s end and about to endorse violence as a “change agent” if something does not change for me—FAST. Unlike the 1970’s, the problem on the bus is not what I might say, it is the fact I have nothing to say. This offends Mr. & Ms. Negro greatly somehow. As for the bus drivers, BiState management needs to tell them on the way to being FIRED “Your job is to drive the bus; nothing more.”

Because of your medical issues and travel to Afton, I have been holding off on a written salvo toward BiState, Kimberly Gardner, and Wesley Bell. I think Bell is a slick criminal and Gardner is incompetent. I am sorry about their skin color. More generally, black folks in St. Lou seem to think they own the town because that worthless piece of —- Obama was their president for 8 years. They don’t get the Trump “base” and think it will go away. This defines the word “stupid.”

Because of the Sacramento mess, I did some simple research. My quick & dirty theory is that McCaskill was, and is, behind some of the blatant “Get Bill” crap here, and her raggedy ass should be held accountable. I have a lot of documented evidence I repeatedly warned her staff they were going to lose to Josh Hawley. I was largely ignored.

The DNA fuss appears to now be over my mother’s genes that seemed to predict events like tornadoes, plane crashes, Hollywood deaths, and the 9/11 attacks. I don’t know what happened to Gayle, but I’ve reviewed the story of the Michelob commercial too many times. It was on during the 1982 World Series, and we had several discussions about why I did not like it to the point of leaving the room to get another beer. In the 1000 Oaks senior center during 2010, I found the ad, slowed it down, and there sits a lit at night World Trade Center for a second or two. What is that, Steve? I also found one of my manic respondents for a civil commitment investigation. She was dancing to the left of the Spuds dog as she had said. The ####### cops gave us that one.

I’ve had a spooky feeling about a big building down here that is largely empty, and if some of the “bums” seen sleeping in cubbyholes next to it bring explosive charges in their back packs, the current mayor will have what I sarcastically call a “Thousand Oaks Problem.” I’d be dead, along with many worthless shits downtown. Nobody wants me as a loudmouthed, rude, and disrespectful Republican candidate for mayor, but it would be great fun.

You do not know Bam Lum as well as I, and I’ve placed great significance on her most recent e-mail. It’s a two-word classic, kind of like the one from Julia Pierson (Google her name and wonder with me where she went). There is surely a big-assed terror event brewing, and I’d rather not be near it. How about you? The reason niggah boy wants to chat so badly is he thinks I’ll provide coded clues. Tinkle herself has been told “I don’t do that shit” too many times.

Might as well go back to work on the Doomsday One outline so niggah thinks I am ending the world, as with the end of Hollywood as we knew it if I ever sold a f–king screenplay. That sale is outside the USA, and I won’t budge on that. I want out of this loony nation, and not in 2024. To depart, I need a MAILBOX to receive DOCUMENTS. Money is not the issue, given I’d be happy in a poor nation like Panama. There was a William Hughes posted as ambassador there, and BJC prick Jason B——–is a Texas terrorist. He’s the one who came in my office and said, “I hear you are the Ambassador to Panama” at an office you don’t want to see.

Surrounded by spies, lied about a lot, and hey, BJC has to admit Wash U. has been training KGB shrinks for a long time. Everybody is sick, according to Dr. Moscow, and you did not work with them, I did. As for Saint Louis U., I’d love to tell the cops to take a shot niggah elsewhere, but then I’d be “ill” when all of the deputies in Ventura County did not think so, including the ones who tried to “Kill Bill” with no consequences to date. This is almost enough to incite what I laughingly call “The Glorious Revolution” featuring 00.09 cent per gallon gasoline and a free college education, although I’d try Ranken Tech first.

By the way, I think the “Snoop Dog” they arrested for the murder after Alex Holden died will be released from jail, and the big drama today was likely over my fax to a coroner to ask the victim’s NAME. If murder victims are secret now, I’d better go into the cop union office by where Carly did whatever she did on Hampton.

*Some names have been changed to protect the guilty in ongoing invisible investigations


Letter from a Mafia Attic


Ron and Tip knew how to do it, and the vase was never tossed at Charlie Hughes.


Dear Mike:

I am not happy about Alex Holden’s death and the lack of a response from your brethren at the Mercury News about author Gary Webb and his spouse Sue Bell. Therefore, I am giving up on “the media” as I see it, and planning on retiring to a nation that—unlike the USA—might actually want me to be there.

My world traveling pals are not of any help with this material, nor is your crooked government. It was better under Obama? To quote a black, shabbily dressed male in LA, he did in fact say, “Obama didn’t do anything for me.” Ditto here.

I have taken to warning that, “The guy after Trump will be worse,” and I do mean hard-headed fascism. The FBI and Justice just cleared Andrew McCabe with the AG about to quit or be fired? That’s enough for me! This situation is far worse than Watergate, so know that if I had grown up to be a Democrat congressman from Missouri, I would already be calling for another impeachment and go round at removing Trump from office.

The Attorney General is not supposed to be like the General Counsel at a big corporation that sells shoes. I am sure Bobby Kennedy and Jack had their squabbles, but at that time there was no Twitter on which to make an ass of yourself. I know my KGB bot girl is not real, but why not mess with her? This tweet-tweet stuff came out of St. Louis? So did the 9/11 attacks, and they were planning something far worse later. Later might be now, so if there is an act of terror here, as usual many knew it was coming, even Bill Hughes!

In family favorite The Wizard of Oz, he said, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” This might explain why our weekly newspaper pays no attention to me, and if the last editor “vanished,” I had nothing to do with it. More likely she moved to New York and got a better job, like I should have about five years ago. Are you trapped in motel and hotel rooms?

I did not think so.

I am,

William C. Hughes